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Apartments for Sale in Trabzon

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Why do foreign investors prefer apartments for sale in Trabzon?

With an area of four thousand six hundred and eighty-five thousand kilometers, Trabzon is a Turkish city on the Black Sea, a city with an ancient historical heritage and a charming nature and is therefore a tourist attraction.

Trabzon is one of the important investment cities with a large port on the Black Sea with a capacity of 4 million tons, and through this port is the export and import of various types of goods.


Due to the many advantages that Trabzon has in the field of tourism and economy, it has become an ideal destination for many Arab and foreign investors. The government is constructing large mega projects that are moving towards the construction of residential complexes, in line with the economic growth in the city.

Many investors prefer to invest in Trabzon real estate, especially in the search of apartments to buy for ownership and investment, and we are trying to look closely at the reasons that led them to search for property for sale in Trabzon like apartments to obtain financial returns with high ratios and relatively far from the risks, the main reasons are:

• Many options are available for investors in terms of diversity in locations, designs, services, etc. The investor may find a variety of opportunities in terms of apartments close to Trabzon airport or apartments that have spectacular views of the sea or the natural mountains from all its rooms or apartments nearby the most important tourist attractions, not to mention the apartments that have facilities and public services.

• There are residential projects with many apartments for sale in Trabzon just 100 meters from the beach.

• Options are also numerous in terms of features and services that accompany apartments such as elevators, private gardens, modern technical systems, guard services and modern finishing designed to meet the latest international standards.

• There are also many residential projects that make investors take decisions to invest in Trabzon because of its proximity to important facilities like the university, airport, hospital and shopping center, making the purchase and investment decision a safe decision in one of the most developed regions.

• Options are also available for those who wish to purchase apartments for sale in Trabzon in modern, dynamic locations or in places far from the hustle of the city between scenic landscapes and vast greenery.

The prices of apartments in the city of Trabzon are varied and different, suitable for all segments of investors, and allow them to get apartments at prices suitable for their budget and in excellent locations, with the availability of many facilities and with many ways of payment.

The city of Trabzon is one of the cities that have a large share in the number of tourists who travel there and spend their holidays annually, which made the need to develop residential projects and build more apartments to meet the growing needs of housing, so the decision to invest in Trabzon real estate is a right decision, taken by many investors , Which is one of the reasons why the real estate sector in Trabzon is in a boom and steady growth, adding that the rate of real property tax is low compared to the European countries, which made many investors prefer to invest in real estate, especially in the purchase of apartments, there is no difference between those who come from the Gulf states, Russia, America, Germany, or any country.




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