Safir Residence

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  •  Type:   Apartments
  •  City:  Trabzon - Yomra
  •  Ready By:   Ready
  •  Payment Method:   Cash
  •  Distance to Center:   3 km
  •  Distance to Beach:   0,5 km
  •  Distance to Airport:   3 km
  •  Construction Year:   2015
Why this property?
  • Properties on the Black sea.
  • Amazing views on the Black sea.
  • Properties near Trabzon Airport.
  • Safir residence is located in yomra safir and it is formed of 9 blocks each block contains around 50 apartments.
  • It provides a lot of comfort in addition to social and sport activities.
  • There are a lot of swimming pools, restaurants, cafes and shopping centers.
  • The project contains picnic areas which makes it more comfortable.
  • Fitness centers.
  • Basketball and football courts.
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