Trabzon Life Project

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  •  Type:   Apartments
  •  City:  Trabzon - Yalıncak
  •  Ready By:   قيد الإنشاء
  •  Payment Method:   Installments
  •  Distance to Center:   8 km
  •  Distance to Beach:   1 km
  •  Distance to Airport:   5 km
  •  Construction Year:   2016
Why this property?
  • The project is located in Trabzon yalenjak tepe city up a hill which gives you a wonderful view of watching Trabzon Mountains and forests as well as picturesque views of the charming sea view at the same time.
  • The project is located in a quiet area offers tranquility and comfort, in addition to the proximity of the project from Trabzon airport which gives it a special strategic location.
  • The presence of restaurants and shopping centers in the project, which gives you the thrill of shopping and the chance of dining in the lap of nature scenery and fresh air.
  • The project land area is 10.357 m2 and it is formed of 6 residential towers of 9 storeys height and contains 101 apartments and each storey is composed of two apartments 4+1.
  • Water reservoir and Electric generator.
  • Gardens, a sport Salon and playgrounds.
  • Parking lots (indoor, outdoor).
  • Permanently Security protection and cameras.
  • Earthquakes resisting construction.
  • Outdoor swimming pool and sauna.
  • Electric elevators.
  • Lightning rod.
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