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Like the other Turkish cities, the city of Trabzon is witnessing a remarkable demand by many Arab investors, who want to carry out joint works within the city. This is what Dr. Bandar bin Fahed Al-Fahaid, President of the Arab Tourism Organization, confirmed during his visit to Trabzon earlier this month.

During the visit, Al-Fahaid met Yücel Yavuz, the Alderman of Trabzon, and explained the organization plan to revive the tourism role more significantly in the city, represented by the following:

- Holding an Arab - Turkish tourism summit.

- Having a formal and practical existence of the organization in Trabzon.

- Creating an Arab - Turkish group for the joint work.

- Establishing extensive investment in new projects within the city, stressing that work is in progress to achieve these ideas.

Large investment project in Trabzon Soon!

Dr. Al-Fahaid said that during his visit, he became more aware of the reasons that attract the attention of the Arab tourists to the city of Trabzon and the other parts of the Black Sea, expressing his great admiration for the city, especially Uzungöl district, stressing that there is a group of 20 Arab businessmen who are interested to participate in a large investment project.

The alderman of Trabzon showed his support to the Arab investors:

For his part, Mr. Yücel Yavuz clarified that Trabzon has good connections with the Arab world, adding: "We are delighted with the Arab guests' frequent visits to our city. There many Arab investors who want to establish significant investments in our city, and we are ready to cooperate with them as I believe that our partnership and joint work will reach important stages in the future."