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Kasustu Area in Trabzon

Kasustu area, located in the coastal suburb of Yomra, is one of the most important areas of Trabzon...

Kasustu Area in Trabzon
2016-04-16 Last update 2020-04-02

Kasustu Area in Trabzon

Kasustu area, located in the coastal suburb of Yomra, is one of the most important areas of Trabzon, The area is situated on the Black Sea coast and close to the city center and Trabzon airport, where it’s 9 km away from the airport, only 12 minutes away, and the history of the area is likely to date back to 2000 BC. The Greeks called it the beautiful land, and today it is considered one of the most developed areas of the Yomra suburb. The area has a population of over 5,000, and it has a long sandy coastline, moreover, there are many famous hotels and shopping malls in the area making it an important center for attracting many local and foreign tourists, There are also major government hospitals, educational centers, university colleges, many public parks, social and cultural events centers, public facilities and official state institutions.

Kasustu area is also receiving considerable attention from the municipality of Yomra, which is working on several important investment and service projects, where it is encouraging the establishment of many hotels in it, due to the lack of hotels available to receive tourists that are increasing day by day. The municipality also works to establish a group of internal departments (student housing), Work is also continuing on the establishment of the Trabzon World Trade Center, which will be the largest in the Black Sea region It will include a large conference center used for local, national and international conferences, and will include tourist centers, hotels, health centers, and exhibition units Which will contribute to transforming the region into an important center for attracting investors in all fields. The government is also considering increasing the green area in the area by burying the sea about 600 Acres and establishing several public parks, children's play centers, open social and recreational centers on it.

Due to its location on the sea coast and the possession of a sandy beach suitable for swimming the area has been transformed to a center of Tourist pool center and shopping malls and hotels, Especially the Arab tourists coming to the city for their holidays, where they visit the area for shopping, and it is noticed that the region is one of the most preferred areas for Arab investors in the field of real estate investments as well.

Kasustu area is one of Trabzon's most expanding and developing areas in terms of infrastructure. The largest real estate investment companies have moved to establish real estate investment projects. Today, there are many modern residential complexes in it, which have become very important in the value of their properties and have greatly contributed to the revitalization of the Trabzon real estate market. And nowadays, many real estate experts expect real estate prices to rise in the area over the next five to ten years. So that it will reach more than two or three times the current prices.

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