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The famous Soumela Monastery in Trabzon

: 2016-03-28

The famous Soumela Monastery in Trabzon
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The famous monastery of Soumela is one of the most famous sights of Trabzon and is considered a marvel in its construction. It is not only an archeological landmark but the monastery is characterized by the beauty of its magnificent nature and will lead to waterfalls, rivers, and landscapes that resemble the nature of the Alps! Making it very distinctive and a destination for many tourists from around the world.

Site and description of the famous Soumela Monastery

The Soumela Monastery is located in the Makkah region of Trabzon, in a forest called Tundra, on a slope that rises from the sea level 1200 meters (3900 feet), specifically within the range of the famous Pontiac Mountains. Its view gives excitement. The monastery is located in the middle of the mountains on a high slope. It is located about 50 km from the city of Trabzon. The monastery consists of 72 rooms, spread over 5 different floors, where there are chapels, kitchens, study rooms, guest accommodation, a rock church, a library and a holy eye for the Greek Orthodox. As well as an irrigation water system which is characterized by its brilliant colored arches that have been recently set up.

The Ottoman-Turkish architecture is grand and large, with its white color and red tiles. Everything in this monastery is restored to a very old date. The interior and exterior walls are decorated with frescoes dating back to Alexus III.

History of the famous Soumela Monastery

The monastery was founded in 386 AD under the reign of Emperor Theodosius I by Greek monks, Barnabas and Spernius. The building was initiated after founding an icon of the Virgin Mary in the cave of the mountain. They believe it was in a cave on the back of the building during its long history. The monastery was destroyed and rebuilt by many different emperors. In the 6th century, it was restored and enlarged by General Pelisarios, at the request of Justinian.

The monastery reached its present form in the 13th century and took place during the reign of the Trabzon Empire, which was founded in 1204 and then moved to protect the second Sultan Mehmet II in 1461. The Sultan thus preserved the rights of monks and travelers to the monastery of Soumela. When it was expanded in 1860.

The monastery was closed on September 22, 2015, for one year to conduct a geological study on the rock surface of the monastery because of the increase in seismic activity in the region.

Tourism in the famous monastery of Soumela

The monastery of Soumela has a lot of popularity and is intended for many tourists from all over the world, especially the Arabs and the most famous in Trabzon for foreign tourists, because of its construction on the cliff in a distinctive and wonderful way it draws attention to it, it has become an important destination for tourists for its location and beautiful view. Tourists pass through the village and highlands of Zigana and dense forests with rivers and waterfalls. There are 47 hotels near the monastery of Soumela in Trabzon, the monastery of Soumela with the ancient historical and cultural facade of Turkey. Some believe that it is the most distinguished tourism icon in Turkey because of its ancient place and civilization. Yet its construction location will always be bizarre, tourists can go to restaurants after their tour in the monastery as they can enjoy their tour in the embrace of nature and they take souvenir pictures and spend the most beautiful times and will not be surprised when you realize that tourists are looking for apartments for sale in Trabzon after visiting the most beautiful features.

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