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All you need to know about obtaining citizenship through buying a property

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Zigana Tunnel in Trabzon, Turkey: The Longest Tunnel in Europe 2021

The Zigana Tunnel is one of the most important infrastructure projects in Turkey, and even one of the biggest infrastruc...

Turkey: Growing green spaces in Trabzon

The forests and green areas of Trabzon are among the most beautiful tourist places in the Eastern Black Sea region

A Large Public Park in the Area of Akçaabat and Another in the Center of Trabzon

The construction of two public parks, the first in the Akçaabat area of the State of Trabzon, and the second in the Orta...

Turkey's Historic City of Trabzon: Why Qataris Love it for Tourism and Investment?

To love a city outside the borders of your country to the degree of love, and to become your passion with sharing its be...

25 Saudi Companies Established in Trabzon

The Black Sea region in Turkey has witnessed a turnout by tourists and later turned from tourist movement to an investme...

Marked Arabic demand for investment in Trabzon

Like the other Turkish cities, the city of Trabzon is witnessing a remarkable demand by many Arab investors, who want to...

The Marine City in Istanbul, a real work of art!

apartments and villas bought for their beauty conform to Turkish citizenship

The Marine City in Istanbul, a real work of art!
Featured projects in Trabzon

Amazing complexes in Trabzon, apartments and villas for sale in Trabzon, Turkey, suitable for real estate investment, with double view on the sea and the mountain in the city center, Yomra, Yalıncak, Ortahisar, and Uzungöl

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