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25 Saudi Companies Established in Trabzon

: 2017-11-08

25 Saudi Companies Established in Trabzon
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Saudi investors are currently working in the Black Sea region in general and Trabzon in particular, this city that attracts a large number of tourists from the Gulf countries in real estate, tourism, and construction.

The Black Sea region in Turkey has witnessed a turnout by tourists and later turned from tourist movement to an investment movement until the number of companies working in Trabzon only reached 25 companies working in many areas.

Most of these companies work without partners in the form of single capital, while some work in partnership with local partners from the region in sectors like real estate, tourism, and construction.

Investors and tourists establish strong ties with the region's residents and have strong ties because of the shared religious and cultural ties, which have recently been enhanced by commercial transactions.

Saudi nationals are working and investing in Trabzon in the purchase of apartments and plots in order to promote sustainable investment in the region, which has led to the establishment of many companies with Saudi nationality working in this field and selling apartments to investors wishing to enter the field.

The number of companies working in the field of food and hotel services also increased in order to meet the needs of tourists coming to the region. Reports indicate that the amount of capital returned to these companies amounted to 20 million Turkish liras, which means that investments will Up to 6-7 times that figure.

The number of tourists is expected to reach 5 million annually over five years, which will also increase the flow of investors to the region. This is why the region's commercial movement will increase further, accelerating the pace of development in the region, and increases the economic power.

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