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Turkey's Historic City of Trabzon: Why Qataris Love it for Tourism and Investment?

: 2019-01-19 Modified date : 2019-07-11

Turkey's Historic City of Trabzon: Why Qataris Love it for Tourism and Investment?
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To love a city outside the borders of your country to the degree of love, and to become your passion with sharing its beauty with the possible number of people you like, this is the case of the Qatari activist "Um Saqr" with the city of Trabzon.
The Qatari trade, active on the social networking sites "Jawzat al-Shammari" has mobilized all its potential to invest in the Turkish state of Trabzon, because of its great admiration for the city overlooking the Black Sea!

Turkish city of Trabzon: Qatari love from the first look

In an interview with Turkish media, the Qatari activist, Um Saqr, said she visited the northern city of Trabzon two years ago and was impressed by its beautiful nature, its green highlands, its charming lake "Uzungol Lake" and its traditional atmosphere, which is still present to this day.
She added that her admiration of the city pushed her to share photos in her accounts on the social networking sites, which are highly followed by Qatari citizens, she said, which has increased the reputation of Trabzon in Qatari society.
Um Saqer said it has contributed significantly to Qatar Airways' direct flights to Trabzon through a special campaign launched on its social networking sites to choose a new Qatar Airways destination.

Uzungol Lake in Trabzon
The Qatari activist expressed her great love for Turkey, its people and its president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, indicating that she sacrificed sheeps in the streets of Trabzon after Erdogan's victory in the presidential and parliamentary elections, and distributed its meat to those in need there.

Promising Qatari investments in Trabzon city

Um Saqer said she made an investment worth 30 million Turkish liras (equivalent to approximately $ 5.6 million) in the city of Trabzon since 2017 through the hotels it invests and manages in the city and the advertisements promoted through it in Qatar to visit the Turkish state and invest in Trabzon.
Um Saqer concluded by pointing out the strong relations of friendship and brotherhood between the Turkish and Qatari peoples.
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Source: Turk Press
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