Trabzon News

Date of publication : 2016-09-26
Like the other Turkish cities, the city of Trabzon is witnessing a remarkable demand by many Arab investors, who want to carry out joint works within the city. This is what Dr. Bandar bin Fahed Al-Fahaid, President of the Arab Tourism Organization, confirmed during his visit to Trabzon earlier this month. During the visit, Al-Fahaid met Yücel Yavuz, the Alderman of Trabzon, and explained the organization plan to revive the tourism role more significantly in the ... Read more
 Turkish government announced that Turkish citizenship will be granted for foreigners who own properties worth $1 million, or for those who has invested $2 millions, or for those who open a bank account worth $3 millions, or buy the debt of the state with $3 millions for a period of three years, of course that is according to the official newspaper. According to this current change in the Turkish citizenship law; the new resolution will include: Foreigners ... Read more
Turkish lira has slumped more than 10 percent against the dollar in the first 12 day of this year, on top of 17 percent decline in 2016, but it is expected to recover after designation of the new law which will also increase properties sales in Turkey.  The Turkish economist Ugur Civelek said that "The excess supply in the real-estate market creates vulnerabilities in the country's financial sector. The real estate's share in total bank loans ... Read more
Turkish Lira VS Foreign Currencies - Istanbul Property Prices The Turkish capital markets witnessed remarkable growth following the results of the referendum held on April 16, in which citizens voted for an amendment to the general constitution of the country. This has led to a remarkable improvement in financial markets. This led Turkish lira to reach the forefront of global currencies, which has seen a significant increase in recent times, Turkish debt has witnessed a significant ... Read more
Getting Turkish Citizenship for Investors-Turkey Real Estate Agents The news of granting the Turkish citizenship for foreign investors is confirmed, after entering the new law into force, this was published in the Turkish Official Gazette this morning. Based on the decision, the Turkish citizenship will be granted by a decision of the Turkish Prime Minister, in a condition that the foreign investor must invest Turkey with an amount of $ 1.5 million in the Turkish Real Estate ... Read more
Date of publication : 2017-06-14
The Turkish currency continued its recovery against the US dollar in the opening of free market transactions on Wednesday, where exchange rates started at 3.49 liras per dollar. This rising against the dollar came after the meeting of the US Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee in Central American Bank, which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, where it was approved maintain the interest rate, in a statement issued after the meeting. The exchange rate of the dollar ... Read more